EmSAT English Preparation

EmSAT English Preparation Course

Our preparation course equips students with the skills to prepare and effectively navigate through the various sections of the test. This comprehensive course will help participants have a deeper understanding of the language and familiarise them with the exam itself.

What does EmSAT stand for?

The Emirates Standardized Test (EmSAT) is a national system of standardized computer-based tests, based on United Arab Emirates national standards. The purpose of the EmSAT test is to assess the students’ skills and knowledge in the area of interest for higher studies in targeted subjects.

Why take the EmSAT English Achieve?

The EmSAT English Achieve assesses the extent to which a test taker is ready to study in an English‐medium college or university.

Test Format

The EmSAT English Achieve is a computer‐based exam and has six major sections – Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence Construction, Cloze Reading, Extended Reading, and Writing.

Test sections, questions, and options are randomized for most of the test and sections and subsections of the test are timed by the computer. Test-takers can see how much time they have throughout the exam.

Convenient Learning

We have a wide range of learning options to meet the needs of every learner. Choose from our live online or classroom-based private, semi-private or group classes and expect personal attention and continuous feedback from qualified instructors.

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